Tentative Session schedule
    for 26th International Cosmic-Ray Conference
Tuesday, Aug. 17th  
17:00-18:00  Opening Ceremony
18:15-20:00  Reception

Wednesday, Aug. 18th A (Origin and Galactic) B (High Energy)  C (Solar and Heliospheric)
08:00-10:00 A1: OG 2.1 A2: HE 2.2
Karl-Heinz Kampert
A3: SH 1.2, 1.3, 1.7
  AGN Measurements  EAS, 1014 - 1017 eV  Solar Energetic Particles and  Ground Level Events
10:00-10:30   Coffee Break    
10:30-12:00 B1: OG 2.2 B2: HE 2.3
Jim Mathews(LSU Auger)
  B3. SH 2.1
  Supernova Remnants  EAS > 1017 eV Forbush decreases and Coronal Mass Ejections
12:00-13:30   LUNCH BREAK    
13:30-15:00 Plenary: Gamma-ray Bursts:  Shri Kulkarni    
  Highlights: TeV Gamma-ray astronomy    
15:00-15:30 Coffee Break    
15:30-18:00 C1: OG 2.1b  C2: HE 2.5
Todor Stanev(Bartol)
C3: SH 2.1b 
  AGN Measurements  EAS Simulations Forbush decreases and Coronal Mass Ejections

Thursday, Aug. 19th   A  B  C
08:00--10:00  D1: OG 1.1  D2: OG 4.3  D3: SH 1.4
    Isotopes  Air Cherenkov Telescopes  Solar Energetic Particles
10:00--10:30  Coffee Break    
10:30--12:00  E1: OG 4.1  E2: OG 4.4  E3: SH 1.4b
  Balloon instrumentation  Air shower arrays Solar Energetic Particles
12:00--13:30  LUNCH BREAK    
13:30--15:00  Plenary: Coronal Mass Ejections, Jack Gosling    
  Highlights: ACE/WIND and the Heliosphere    
15:00--15:30  Coffee Break    
15:30--18:00  F1: OG1.1b  F2: OG 4.5  F3: SH1.4c
  electrons, antiprotons  Air fluorescence  Solar Energetic Particles

Friday, Aug. 20th C
08:00--10:00  G1: OG 3.1  G2: HE 3.1
Ernesto Lamanna or Nat Longley (macro)
 G3: SH 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
  Source composition  High energy muons  Gradients, anisotropy, spectra, composition
 10:00--10:30 Coffee Break    
10:30--12:00  H1: OG 3.2  H2: HE 3.2
Per Carlson
 H3: SH 3.6
  Propagation  Atmospheric muons  Terrestrial effects
12:00--13:30  LUNCH BREAK    
13:30--15:00  Plenary: Neutrino oscillations, Alexei Smirnov    
  Highlights: solar and atmospheric neutrinos    
15:00--15:30  Coffee Break    
15:30--18:00  I1: OG3.2b I2: HE 4.1 
Greg Sullivan(Maryland Super-K)
I3: SH 3.6b
  Propagation  Atmospheric neutrinos  Terrestrial effects

Saturday, Aug. 21st C D
08:00--10:00  J1: OG 1.2  J2: HE 1.2  J3: SH 1.5  J4: OG 3.2
  Composition at the knee  Gamma families  Particle acceleration on the Sun Propagation
10:00--10:30  Coffee Break    
10:30--12:00  K1: OG 1.3  K2: HE 1.1  K3: SH 1.5, 1.6
  High energy composition and anisotropy Accelerator nuclear beams and targets Acceleration and interplanetary transport
12:00--13:30  LUNCH BREAK    
13:30--15:00  Plenary: Pre-solar grains, Robert Walker    
  Highlights: Isotopic composition,  galactic and anomalous cosmic rays    
15:00--15:30  Coffee Break    
5:30--18:00  L1: OG 1.2b  L2: HE 1.3  L3: SH 1.6
  Protons in the knee region  Hadronic interactions from EAS  Interplanetary transport

Monday, Aug. 23rd  A  C
 08:00--10:00 M1: OG 3.3 M2: HE 6.3, 6.4
Steve Barwick(UCI Amanda)
M3: SH 4.3, 4.4
  Acceleration  New muon and neutrino expts.and searches for CDM  Spectra; structure of heliosphere
10:00--10:30  Coffee Break    
10:30--12:00  N1: OG 4.2 N2: HE 6.3 
Someone from Nestor
N3: SH 4.1, 4.2
  Space instrumentation  New neutrino experiments Pickup ions; Modulation of anomalous  cosmic rays
12:00--13:30  LUNCH BREAK    
13:30--15:00  Plenary: Particles and Cosmology, John Ellis    
  Highlights: Spectra: antiprotons, muons, primary protons and nuclei    
15:00--15:30  Coffee Break    
15:30--17:30  O1: OG 3.3  O2: HE 6.1 
Gus Sinnis(Los Alamos - Milagro)
O3: SH 2.2, 2.3
  Acceleration  New EAS experiments  Co-rotating Interaction Regions and  propagating shocks
19:00--22:00  Reception and Banquet*    

* Reception and banquest to be held at the Salt Lake City Hilton
Tuesday, Aug. 24th  A  B  C
08:00--10:00 P1: OG 2.2b  P2: HE 4.2
Maury Goodman(Agonne Sudan)
 P3: SH 3.1
  Supernova remnants Neutrino astronomy Models of solar modulation
10:00--10:30  Coffee Break    
10:30--12:00 Q1: OG 2.4   Q2: HE 5.3 
Dave Casper (BU- IMB Super-K)
Q3: SH 3.1, 3.2
  Gamma-rays  Searches for proton decay, monopoles, dark matter  Modulation models and long-term variations
12:00--13:30  LUNCH BREAK    
  13:30--15:00  Plenary: High Energy Astrophysics, Malcolm Longair    
  Highlights: Highest energy cosmic rays    
15:00--15:30  Coffee Break    
15:30--17:30  R1: OG 2.3  R2: HE 5.1 
Jeff Martoff( Temple - CDM)
R3: SH 3.2
  Gamma-ray bursts Dark matter searches   Long-term variations
20:00-21:30  Public Lecture in honor of Victor Hess: Malcolm Longair    


Wednesday, Aug. 25th Plenary Rapporteur Sessions  
08:30  Galactic cosmic-ray measurements (< 1 TeV)  James Beatty
09:05 Solar modulation Adri Burger
09:40 Muons and neutrinos  Danka Kielczewska
10:30--11:00  Coffee Break  
11:00  Gamma-ray astronomy  James Buckley
11:35  Cosmic-ray origin, acceleration, propagation  Matthew Baring
12:10  Solar Energetic Particles  Ed Cliver
12:45--14:00  LUNCH BREAK  
14:00  Transients phenomena in the heliosphere  Marisa Storini
14:35 Cosmic-ray measurements ( > 1 TeV)   Shigeru Yoshida
15:10--15:40  Coffee Break  
15:40  High energy interactions and air showers  Todor Stanev
16:25  Anomalous cosmic rays  Berndt Klecker
17:00  Closing announcements and end of conference