Milagro is the first gamma ray detector capable of continuously monitoring the entire overhead sky at energies below 1 TeV.The energy threshold of Milagro is an order of magnitude lower than any other all-sky instrument operating in the VHE regime.Milagro is the ideal instrument to study the transient and variable sources of VHE gamma rays in the Universe and to discover new phenomena.
The Milagro detector will be used to:
·Search for gamma-ray bursts emitting TeV gamma rays.
·Search for nearby active galactic nuclei (AGN).
·Search the Northern Hemisphere sky for sources of TeV gamma rays. 
·Search for primordial black holes (PBH). 
·Observethe Crab with Milagro. 
·Study the properties of the solar magnetic field. 


Exterior View of the the Milagro Detector

Inside Milagro filled with water

Recent Milagro Publications:

Tev Observations Of Markarian 501 With The Milagrito Water Cerenkov Detector.
By Milagro Collaboration (R. Atkins et al.) Ap. J. Lett 525:L25-L28, 1999 Nov. 1
Evidence For Tev Emission From GRB 970417a.
By Milagro Collaboration (R. Atkins et al.). The Astrophysical Journal, 533:L119-L122, 2000 April 20 /. e-Print Archive: astro-ph/0001111



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