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What is HyperNews?
    Hypernews is a threaded discussion group which we will use in our class to provide a forum for asking questions and having online discussions. You can post messages and ask questions and they are ordered by topic.

What do I have to do to join the discussion group?
    You must register to join the hypernews discussion group. Click here to join. Once you join you should remember your password and username, but you don't have to join again.

How do I read and reply to messages?
    Just click here to get to our page and then on highlighted messages and you can read them. To reply just click the button that says Add Message. Remember that this is a threaded group so if you want to reply to a specific message, make sure you add message to that topic.

Where can I find out more about HyperNews?
    The HyperNews instruction page is here. Check it out.


This is the top level of our discussion page. To read about the first assignment. Click First Homework assignment. Then you will see this:

If you hit the Add Message button. It will post your message under first homework assignement. I did this and you can read my positng by clicking on Professor Jordan Goodman.