About the final:

The final is about 40% to 45% material from the two previous tests. The remaining 55% to 60% is on the material since the last test. You are responsible for most material in the course. However, you need not memorize the photcopier cycle or air conditioning cycle. You should know the car engine. You will not be responsible for a detailed understanding of the transistor, but basically how it and diodes work is useful. Further you should know Ohm's law and basic circuits, transformers, motors, generators. Know about tape recorders, TV's radios and the basics of a microwave (although you do not need a detail knowledge of the magnetron). There are some choices on the test so you can pick and choose somewhat. Diagrams often help. You should know some things about magnetic material and how magnets effect particle motion. You should know something about electromagnetic waves. There maybe a question about the lecture I gave on neutrinos, but if there is it will be in the choice section. Good Luck!