From Sun Jan 18 22:37:37 1998 Date: Sun, 18 Jan 1998 22:31:21 -0500 From: Adam Goodman To: jordan goodman Subject: Sup? [Part 1, Text 12 lines] [Unable to print this part] Well I never got to tell finish telling you about snowboarding it was awesome.  The problem in the beginning was that I couldn't turn so I started going real fast then those damn skiers got in my way so I had to fall to stop.  I was so bad in the begining but you would be amazed how much I improved in one day.  I was seriously busting 180's.  Also with baseball it was okay today because they did fielding which I'm good at.  I really need you to take me to the batting cage cause I really need to work on my swing.  He also said I  have got to let my arm loose more and stop aiming.  But it's mostly because I'm inside.  I've been studing a lot.  I'll talk to you later and see ya Tuesday.