South Pole 2006

Jordan Goodman


2006 Pole marker.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 1.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 2.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 3.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 4.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 5.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 6.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 7.jpg

Antarctic Mountains 8.jpg

Blake Flag at Ceremonial Pole.jpg

Blake Flag at Pole.jpg

C130 landing 1.jpg

C130 leaving 2.jpg

C130 leaving.jpg


C130s at McMurdo on wheels.jpg

C17 Cockpit.jpg

C17 Crew.jpg

C17 interior.jpg

C17 wing.jpg


Checking IceTop tank.jpg

Computer Room.jpg

Digging out a junction box.jpg

Dinning Hall.jpg

Drilling Towers and Hose Reel Storage.jpg

Entrance to old station.jpg

Filling IceTop with Perlite.jpg

Fuel ship.jpg

Game Room.jpg


Hauling modules at Pole.jpg



IceTop tank open.jpg

Inside dome.jpg

Inside the dome 2.jpg

Jordan at South Pole.jpg

Jordan in Ceremonial South Pole.jpg

Jordan in IceCube van.jpg

Loading the C130.jpg

Lone person on snow.jpg

Luv Shack interior.jpg

Luv Shack.jpg

Luv Shak sign.jpg


McMurdo chapel.jpg

McMurdo mountain scene.jpg

McMurdo Sign.jpg

McMurdo street scene.jpg

Me in front of hose reel.jpg

Me in Igloo.jpg

Me on Bike at Pole.jpg

Me with Blake Flag at Pole.jpg

Music Room.jpg

My room.jpg

New Gym.jpg

New IceCube Counting House.jpg

New Station A wing.jpg

New Station with Tower.jpg

Old Communications Center.jpg

Old Station.jpg

Paul Evenson at plane tail.jpg

Pegasis Airport at McMurdo.jpg

Pig for Super Bowl Party.jpg

Return Trip on C130.jpg

Science Lab 2.jpg

Science Lab.jpg

Serap checking IceTop.jpg

Serap in IceTop.jpg

Snacks for Super Bowl Party.jpg

Snow sculpture1.jpg

Snow sculpture2.jpg

South Pole Airport.jpg

South Pole and previous year's poles.jpg

South Pole Flags.jpg

Station with for sale sign.jpg

Storage Berms.jpg


Super Bowl party.jpg

Supply ship.jpg

Temporary Counting House and new one 2.jpg

Temporary Counting House and new one.jpg

Temporary Counting House interior.jpg

Terp Flag at South Pole.jpg

The old station dome.jpg

Tracks in the Snow.jpg

Tunnel out of crashed plane tail.jpg

Tunnel to tail of plane.jpg


TV monitor during Super Bowl Party.jpg

Walking near MAPO.jpg

Working on IceTop.jpg