Particle Astrophysics @ Maryland


The Maryland Particle Astrophysics group conducts research at the intersection of particle physics and astrophysics. We are using new astrophysical messengers and new detection techniques to probe some of the most interesting objects in the universe, including the origins of dark matter, gamma-ray bursts, and the highest energy cosmic rays.


About Us

Research Interests

Active Projects

  1. -HAWC - High Altitude Water Cherenkov Experiment - An effort to build the 2nd generation, ground-based gamma-ray observatory that will be capable of continuously surveying the TeV sky for steady and transient sources from 100 GeV to 100 TeV.

  1. -IceCube - A one-cubic-kilometer high-energy neutrino observatory  located in the clear deep ice below the South Pole Station.

  1. -AURA - Askaryan Under-ice Radio Array - An experiment to search for ultra-high energy neutrinos using radio-wave signals in the deep Antarctic ice.

  1. -LBNE - An experimental effort to build a high intensity neutrino beam at Fermilab and a large volume water-cherenkov detector in South Dakota to perform a long-baseline neutrino oscillation to measure and theta-13, CP violation, and the neutrino mass hierarchy.

Previous Projects

  1. -Milagro

  2. -Super-Kamiokande